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Reviews for "Turtle Attack"

Dangerous andy turtle approachs

why do they look so much like invader zim?

Fun little game

Like that other guy said, it would make a great mini-game or a game that you play while a huge file loads. Good job!

very fun

Very enjoyable to play. I love the face the turtles make, with the teeth. But it'd be cool if you made some kind of ending to it, instead of playing it back. Or something. I dunno.


Very good. Normally I like turtles, but when they start to look like Invader Zim, then I get the sudden urge to shoot them. Hey, what was the deal with the IZ stuff anyway?

Scary turtles!

This game is pretty cool.I like the music and the turtles faces when they attack.I like turtles and this is a fun,simple game.Nice!