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Reviews for "Neo Geo Banner"

Congrats on making the front page!

IvanAlmighty responds:


YES Neo Geo!!!

Come on and slam and welcome to the jam
Come on and slam if you want to jam

Party people in the house lets go
It's your boy "Tarma" a'ight so
Pass that gun and watch me flex
Behind my back, you know what's next
(insert scared soldiers here)
To the jam, all in your face
Wassup, just feel the bass
Drop it, rock it, down the room
Shake it, quake it, bombs making things go BOOM
(swaps to benimaru with ''diet'' playing)
Just work that body, work that body
Make sure you don't hurt nobody
Get wild and lose your mind
Take this thing into over-time
Hey duck, TURN IT UP
Qcd, goin' burn it up
Come on y'all get on the floor
So hey, let's go FIGHT!

Muh fave NG jam banner thus far!

idk how jams work.... but i love the metal slug characters.