Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

Very funny

This is an awesome animation, i love the A&K series, i liked the part with ark and the fingertrap, "this thing is the devil reincarnated in a cardboard tube!!!"

OMG that rocked

I love the Style of the characters, but i really like the voices there were funny.

Good like usual.

Mini sauron might just have ruled midle earth if he had a bunch of cars instead of trolls and horses.
But what was with the literal intermarriage of the duck and the monkey?


the rating of 2 violince waz cuz of the inventions catching on fire. keep making more!!!!!

Funny for anyone

I really hope legendary frog comes out with more Ark and Kerrigan cartoons, cuz most other cartoons aren't even that funny and shouldn't be online. his humor's great for anyone.