Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


i wasted like... 5 hours? or something. It sure felt like 5 hours... I mean seriously, is this the best movie on NG ever? No.1? Out of 50? All those other 49 movies are better than this, this could have been turd of the week at most.
It wasn't funny, not really original, and hell not the BEST movie of all time.... bah.


I'm a big LegendaryFrog fan, but being totally honest, I have to say I was dissapointed with this movie. The only part I laughed (a little) at was Ark's fantasy. It's a very well-made flash, but overall I wasn't entertained.

This movie and The Return of Ganondorf are the only 2 LF movies I didn't find entertaining, and they're the two most recent ones. I love all your other movies. Maybe time to hire some new writers, eh? ;)

Despite this, I still look forward to your next movie.

Hmmmm. i am sorry,

I am a fan of yours but i did not like this movie, keep it up anyway, ur my hero...


This video had funny moments, but the only REALLY funny charter is Ark, which is why i gave it a 3.

More stolen simpsons humor.

Get your own material please. This humor is much better on the Simpsons. I am neither with or against you. Good day.