Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


Though it was produced well, the humor of this flash was stale and uninventive. The voice acting wasn't too great either, but I have to admit its better than anything I could act out. I had a strong urge to close the window, but I wanted to be able to write a fair review. This is not deserving of the number one spot in the portal. There are much better flash animations out there, and ones that are actually funny that should be number one.


How has this gotten such a high score? The movie has silly cheesy jokes that you can see coming a mile off (some of which are blatent Simpsons rip-offs), the characters and their voices are annoying and boring and the animation is crude. I didn't even raise a smile.


i used to be your fan until you came up with this movie, im taking you off my favorites list


ok im sorry but i really dont think its cool to rely alot on other peoples material like pre existing cartoons and vidio games and stuff. use your own head. the movie was well done and the animation was pretty good. but the only funny part was when that stupid banna came on. nibs....

Not good at all.

Dude, you're a pretty good voice actor, but that dosen't mean diddly squat when your mic's a piece of shit. Each line ends with a horribly loud pop, and you can hear a fan or something in the background. As for the actual flash itself.

Animation: 4/10.
Story: Very boring.
Sound: Horrible.