Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

Locks up my PC?

This is very strange... for some reason my PC locks up right after "Quiet guys, I'm trying to listen". There's a fading effect that never quite finishes... I've tried watching the video four times already and it freezes at the same spot.

I wanna give Legendary Frog the benefit of the doubt on this one though... I have no reason to suspect its any of his fault. I just think it's pretty sorry that I can't see the whole thing...

Anyone else with this problem?

Yet another display of humorless garbage.

The beginning of this movie (where the much-despised hamtaro was fed to rabid pikmin) actually lead me to believe that humor was going to be involved in this, and even a bit of mindless violence to... spice things up. What I witnessed was a heaping pile comedic retardation, around five minutes of it. I have not only wasted my time, I have wasted many hours trying to figure out how the hell anyone could possibly derive any amusement from this half-minded foolishness, which could have been spent sleeping. To the author, I'm sorry, you probably put a lot of time into this. But please, don't make anymore...


i dont want to be an ass or anything but why is this number 1 on the portal? i dont find it very funny at all. the animation is nice and the voice acting is good but wheres the comedy? can someone explain why this is so good?

I am not inspired

Look the graphics were good the sound and voice sweet. But like Godzilla plot counts. There is nothing like a slow death I had to sit throught ewntire thing hoping it would strike me at least a litte. Yes, I care about Kerrigan but I have to enjoy it. I must have missed the point or at least wondered why I was giving this a second chance. I will give point on being unique but I still must feel at least a little inspired by the show.


You should try doing stuff that aren't parodies more. You've got a good sense of humour.