Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

teriffic, splended, magnificent!!!

This episode truley had everything i wanted to see. Kerrigan, Ark, fingertraps, dissing xbox, soul caliber II...maybe im saying to much, which so far isnt even half of the best of it!!!

another masterpiece!!

ok, first and foremost, is it just me, or are ark and sal hot? its probably just me... and i loved the whole post-it/stick'ems thing!! it was great... and the whole SC 2 thing. Seigfried is a hottie too... OK!! but yeah, it was great. i know we all hope the next one will be, too.

wow that was awsome...

dude, that flash was great..... style, story, sound!!!!! it was one of the best i've seen.. i truly loved it..... btw... kerri sounds totally cute... i'd like to talk to the real life kerri.... not like it will ever happen.. but oh well!!! keep up the good work!!!

Damn that was good

i love your kerrigan and ark movies. this one u were obviousely more experienced with flash, and it was great. ark is so dumb its funny. u gave him some good lines too. i think u could go really far with flash.

Another good one

Even funnier then the last one. I'm also glad to see you kept that clock in the background that tells the real time. That Metal Gear Solid stuff was great. lol