Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

Best Kerri cartoon ever.

What's an X-Box indead. The only thing good about that system is X-Box Live and a few games, the others you can just get for the other systems and they either have better features that X-Box had to cut out or a better control set up, who can stand that funky controler anyway?

I really liked the fact that you put in the dancing banana, I really would like to know where that originated since I really like that song. Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!! I also like the changing scene in the Final Fantasy game, I think that Auron's was the better of the two since it ties into your FF Chocobo Remix.


HAHAHAHA! damn! ur a genious!!! great job!(live all of ur works)

really funny...

but how many final fantasy things are there?I've seen the one with drunk auron and the one with yuna.

keep up the good work!


That was the funniest flash i will ever see!
PEANUT BUTTER JELLY! Make another after One Ring 3!


this one's great! I enjoyed it so much i've watched it about 50 times!

and plan on making another one?