Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


GREAT MOVIE! keep them coming! this is definately one of the best series ive ever seen. and you are right chics eat this stuff up.

The best episode out of all.

This is the best Ark and Kerrigan cartoon I've seen. Keep it up.

You did it again

That was very cool a dead hamtaro and a monkey that looks like Guybrush Threepwood, WOOHOO !!! :D


that was soooo funny. homestar is sweet, please malke another resident evil one.

This rules

Heh..... This just rules. Pretty much the best yet....... though it is kind of hard to judge your stuff compared to it your others. Theyre all good. Heh. The part with Auron is just too great. That would have to be my favorite part of it all. Ive found myself rewatching it just for a chance to see it. You GOTTA make a shortcut to that part or somethin.