Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

You rock!

I love all your movies, they're the funniest things on Newgrounds! I feel like such a n00b, but I have nothing else to say. It would be nice if you started a serious cartoon for once, I'd like to see that. Innocence was nice, but too short. This is my all time favorite of all your movies though. I sent it to as many people I can, you're a great animator and I look forward to your next flash!

one of the best movies on new grounds

I have 2 questions. 1, how are you so good? 2, how do you get that clock to be identical to your computer's clock?

Satan Reincarnated!

"t's like satan reincarnated into a cardboard tube!" Loved it, funniest thing i've seen all day

u r.... AWSOME

great video game humor and yes i play wayyyy to many video games. casual gamers may find the humor in this but only true gamers can understand the jokes and items in the movie. seems like u and me r a lot alike... i luv ur movies


lmao!!!! u r the greatest u r my idol of humor!