Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


Hilarious! You did it again you frog you!! Gosh, i wish i had enough money to buy the damn Flash MX program =P

Wee another work of art

Pretty funny, i like how the part about Kerrigan bringing the atari joystick commercial and how the game scene changes now and then. plus alot of random scenes. cmon who else can make this stuff? get off frog's nuts, he doesnt suck.

Kerrigan is great

The Hamtaro moment makes this flash well worth a watch or two.

sheer genius!

this is my personal favorite legendary frog cartoon, it has everything that i look for, humor, the characters move their mouths when they talk, heck, they even put homestar runner and strongbad in there.


that was funny

There is a secret in the end. At the credits look for "others" and click it.