Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

Flippin hilarious

Yet another amazing LegendaryFrog flash. The graphics were awesome, and it was absolutely hilarious. Watch it!

lol nice work...

i love the part when he says: run ark use your scrawny little legs!

it was sweet ^^

It's great to see another one of legendaryfrog's movies!
Anything with Ark and Kerri is bound to be hillarious. Congrats on another great submission!


I'm very happy that The Legendary Frog made another very funny video.
And the features you made inside of it, but how did you know the Pikmins real nature!?! Whatever...
I'll now go back to my only loving beauty with her sharpness and her courage. See ya around,

Your Sephiroth
p.s.:the extra with Seymour was not so funny as ment...
We baddys aren't so Stupid!!!

D omg

when i saw this i thought it was a good movie. then, i found out you put chibs and pink floyd together and thought it was the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!