Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

Its Hamtaro time!!!!!

Nice d00d. I always wondered if Auron was drunk. I loved how you put the Zelda & final fantasy stuff in the basement

legendary's frog legndary's work

it's like satin reincarnadit into a cardboard tube.

Cutest creature you don't have to pay to see

Normally I'm a big macho man with muscles and guns who drives the ladies wild, but when I watch this cartoon my rough and tumble exterior cracks and the fragile sensitive man I am inside comes out and cries...

Um... I mean, Kerrigan is the cutest, period, and her light hearted, heart-warming adventure brings out the man I try to hide.

The delightful animation adds to the appeal, and the sound is always on cue. The humor is light hearted, or in Hamtaro's case vicious and dark, but that's fine, cuase we all like a little coffee in our sugar.

Best joke: "What's an X-Box?" and the ending was pretty good two.

We can only hope that Legendary frog decides to make more Kerrigan toons soon...


Probably the best thing I've seen on Newgrounds.


It was great L3g3nd4ry Fr0g r00lz