Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


So many parodies, this stuff is just FUNNY AS CRAP, it hurts to laugh... make it stop legendary frog... make it stop...


Haah your one of my fav authors on newgrounds once again you impress me with one of your submismions. Hahah! For something that great and that long it was only 467 kb!!!!

All hail the frog :o

Screw the Xbox, Final Fantasy rules, and where the hell can I buy those metallic frogs?! Might I say I'm a huge fan of all your work, and as all of it, all my 5 r belong to this!!! XD I guess the only negative points I can give you are that the voice acting isn't always synchronized well with the mouth movements, and that it often stops before the end of a sentence...But don't let those comments stand into your Godly way =) *stamps "MY IDOL" stick'em on your head*

When I saw legendrayfrog made it.....

I knew it would be decent.

The only downside is the dry sense of humor. Or slapstick comedy.


Hilarious ^_^ You did it again.

What's the name of the song that's playing when Kerri's inventing and everything keeps blowing up?