Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

That was aw inspiring

That got to be the greatestt flash movie ever.

It can't be! A sitcom is on the to spot !!!

As I said in the subject, I can't believe that something what looks like a sitcom episode is on the #1 of Newgrounds (20.11.2003, 23:40 CET). It's clear that a lot of work has been put in making of this movie, but I must admit with pain that it was boring. There were only TWO funny moments in the whole movie, and even these weren't funny enough to make me laugh loudly. And besides, the whole thing was too sweet! Don't forget that most of the Newgrounds users are male teenagers (like me), who want some action (I'm not talking about a lot of blood (which i hate), but add some thrilling emotions to your movies! Another thing is that the name Kerrigan makes associations with an evil Queen of the Zerg from StarCraft, but that's less important than the flaws i mentioned earlier. So, let's sum up all I said: I give your movie a 7 overall note and a 3 in the main voting. Have a nice day.

The best

I was amazed my mouth dropped to the floor so great. Im waiting till '04 to see Resident Evil: Code Veronica Flash Edition. It will be awesome I hope!

Really funny movie

Great movie, make more! I love the dumb Ark character and the "Family Guy" style cut-backs.



that was soooo funny. homestar is sweet, please malke another resident evil one.