Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


someone's gonna get hit with a baseball bat... IN THE EYE


.... MUFFIN god that is so fucken strange i was eatin a blue berry muffin when i was watching this flash other then the freaky muffin thing(witch i shall be amkeing my own flash on muffins! not copying but muffins are the funniest yummrist and most convenet source of food)

But anyways great movie tons of great sound i wish i could give a higher rating but i can't
in conclustion i bid you a due
*claps with 1 hand while eating the rest of the muffin*


I like it! Nice new work.


A Few Word This is some Damn nice flash Movie


This is by far one of the best flashes ive seen. Keep up the good work Legendary Frog!