Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

Kick ass!!!

I love this "Almost Manga" style. The first time i saw this movie, I almost wet my pants! It's... It RULES!!! Legendary Frog really IS Legendary. I love all his work, especially this. The return of ganondorf kick ass too...

Another legendary entry from Legendary Frog! :D

This was just... the best. I love Kerrigan (she is so precious!). I especially love the part about Ark feeding her through a convenient hole in the floor ("MUFFIN!"). I nearly died laughing at that. XD

It seems like every little cartoon you make with these characters is destined to become an instant classic! Keep up the great work! :D

Most popular flash

Good graphics does not a good flash make. I didn't really think it was funny at all.. I'll pick a Livecorpse flash over this anyday


now thats wat a good flash is suppose to look like!

All i need is humor

That is 1 of the best cartoons i have ever seen. That 1 guys that was always in the finger trap sounded like he was always high:) AWESOME.