Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

very cute

I love your characters ark and kerrigan, you mustve been developing them for a long time. I hope to see more of your great cartoons in the future, and id like to hear more about the original ark and kerrigan and that storyline.
Good luck on your next flash, Im rooting for you!

legendary frog rocks

this is the best movie on newgrounds and by you. Did you make up kerrigan and ark characters from scratch?


This movie is brilliant! Killer Pikmin and Soul Calibur II! Very funny and original. I love the whole fingertrp thing although I think Nightmare would never be defeated. Nightmare rocks! link's better, though... I love the X-Box thing because I have astrong feeling that X-Box is one of the worst creations on the planet. I also love the Metal Gear Solid bit. Basically it's all amazing!!

I DEMAND you e-mail me!

I've seen ALL of your movies,other than Kerrigan-=Innocence=-.They are HILARIOUS!,they have Clean Humor.But It could make Satan himself laugh!.The way you animate your movies are amazing,like in
All Your Pie
How Arc's hair move realisticly,and how they used Solid Snake Yuna,Maester(SP?) Seymor.Auron,some person from Resident Evil,and Tidus.(Dont forget Sauron from One Ring to Rule Them All!).
I was thinking..
Email me at metalocloud@excite.com

You are the best.

I noticed I could replay it and see new scenes embedded in the bloodshed. "Did I say bloodshed? I meant TV." lol