Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

Gotta love it.

The character models look good, it's original, voiceovers are near flawless, and it's funny. There are so many references, including, but not limited to, Soul Calibur 2, Final Fantasy 10, and Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Poor Ark, I know how it feels. I hate fingertraps. :D

BTW: Why does Kerri get a new outfit? Did I miss something?

And LegendarySlappa, just STFU. I don't know exactly how, but I will find a way to BLAM! you, like a bad Flash in the portal.

Holy Crap!

That was brilliant! It was pretty long for a flash movie too!

More goodness from Legendary Frog

I loved this cartoon. Ark and Kerri are both interesting characters, and the humor is very funny. It's not quite always laugh out loud, but it makes you smile at the very least. I do so love the stab at the X-box, great humor in that. The graphics are very well done, as is the sound quality. The preloaded is also good, but it goes by a bit too slowly. Keep up the good work Joe, bring us more good cartoons like this in the future.


If this were a cartoon series, I would show it to my kids! ...well, I guess when/if I have kids...

Pink Floyd, LotR, AND Don Hertzfelt Rejected references in the easter egg in the credits?! You are amazing! I love the doll idea, all the dolls in the toybox in the basement, excellent work.

Great story, directing, producing, casting, storyboarding, sound editing.... doesn't this all sound like reviews for an Academy award winner? I bet if they had a flash segment at the Sundance Film Festival, you could whip something up and take home 1st. Truly great work.

Great as always.

Keep it up what ever it is it's working.