Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


Yay, Stick Em's!!! I want some!

Kerrigan is a great inventor!


Its Hamtaro time!
cshy cshy cshy woooo!
When we work together, it's much better!
My Best Friend!
We Like Sunflower Seeds crum crum crum!
My ham ham!
hamtaro!, Hamtaro's big adventure!

awww . . . I wish MY bologna had a first name.

Wow. Good stuff, well written, good animation. What else could you ask for . . . Oh wait! I know! I want a "one ring mobile"!! Where can I get one?!

But seriously, good stuff.


awesome movie frog im a big fan of your work.

Shut of Fags!

Dude, Joseph, I seriously think that these fags are jealous. No, wait, i take that back, I KNOW that they are jealous. Legendaryn00b dude is a fucking flamer. Anyway, Legendary Frog, Xbox blows, piconjo takes it in the rear, and U kick ass!!!Ignore the peanut gallery and keep the excellent work up.