Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

seymour and yuna

awesome flash, really funny, did i say bloodshed? lol

awesome buuuuuut

the flash was very awesome o yeah fuck u crimsonskullfuka u a stupid

Top flash of all time.

Don't listen to crimsonSkullFuka, this was the best flash i have ever seen.


Everything about it is so terribly done, everything from the characters, the backgrounds, the voices, the plot, the jokes right down to the egocentric LegendaryFrog logo that gave me the impression my eyes were about to witness something epic. This was in the top 50 for a long time, it also topped the Flashplayer charts if I'm not mistaken and all this time I've avoided watching it, up until now....To start with every single line of audio started and ended with a nasty pop and was drowned in fuzzy noise, probably due to a cheap PC mic and a loud PC fan, if that wasn't bad enough, the lines of dialogue were all read out in such a lifeless way that any potential humour was instantly lost in the deliverance. The bad mic and bad lines could have been slightly disguised with a little background music, maybe a few sound effects. The characters were so hollow and useless they actually lacked any kind of character at all. The drawings and motion made me feel unhappy. As for the rest of it, I'm actually bored of typing now, it was so incredibly dull it depressed me. Just a big, ugly, badly crafted slice of turd from the most over rated egomaniac to have ever graced this website. I really really really really can't even begin to comprehend how this flash has gathered page upon page of 10/10 reviews


there's a hidden scene at the credits if you click on the other under Josepth Blanchette