Reviews for "The Britney Spears VIRUS"

Bbbbwwwaaaarrrrrhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ah hah ha ha ha ha.....eh heh heh . ohhhh god
heh thats funny, because ive go a friend that accualy happened to. Ahh it brings back memories.
Good work.
your ernd a good review.




THIS was funny i like it its a good one i like the last part

pretty good

That guy looks and act's like my old neibor!


Ooookay. Most people are probally going to be annoyed by this entry because you did not give them Britany. If you mention her name you gotta deliver. Whether it be a cheaply drawn pic or an actual photo. Funnier would be if it was a animated pic of her instead of a demon. Thinking about that actually makes me wanna laugh.