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Reviews for "Ball Bounce Exercise"

This is definitely an interesting take on the exercise. Good to finally see some sweet, bouncy love for Monique, too.

Had her residing in my town on the original AC and haven't seen her since. Not an especially popular villager either, it seems, but I'll welcome her back if she ever visits in NH.

Thanks, Funky. This is cute.

FunkySquidd responds:

Hey thanks, man! Yea I'm inserting characters I like into these exercises so that it's less tedious to learn the 12 fundamentals. Glad you like it

I got Monique as soon as I could in NH. She's got one of the best spots on my island and I really like her a lot. Yea it's too bad she's not that popular but at the same time, it meant finding her in trading was a lot easier since people were trading her for cheap.

No, thank YOU! Your comment made my day ^^