Reviews for "Ska Void 2"

One word,


ragingmullet responds:

Sounds like a plan, I will see what I can do...
Thanks for the input!

nj jake

good stuff. as i write this you are beating yourself

ragingmullet responds:


Are you using first wave Ska as a model or are you taking the basic sounds from Ska in general? At any rate it sounds great, the slight static pauses in between the percussive beats are throwing me off a bit though.

like this one too

are you using software to make these bass lines? they sound really crisp, almost too perfect, but that may just be me, i've been listening to a lot of live physcobilly and the bass sounds crazy on those songs, but this is a great little loop.

ragingmullet responds:

Thanks!! Yeah I actually just used Fruity Loops 3 to make this one.

odd, fabricated, yet cool

the friuty loops thing is... interesting. I like. definitely cool. make more! oh. and doom. Doom on brimfield.