Reviews for "A Woman's Wish"


What? this sucks, no nudity, no violence, no stick figure action. How dare you try to be original!!!!


haha this is soooo funny.To you stupid girls whp say this is a sexist flash:omg u little fucks ITS AN OLD JOKE ur the ones who are gonna grow up this proves that girls really ARE stupid


No, in your reality!

Interactivity a 10?Yes, because I just told the last poster the hard truth!

. . .

that is so true but im not trying to sound against the movie but women havve car skills too other then that it was great

Decent flash.

Funny,and quite wrong in many ways.
Yet I loved it,since it reminded me of one incident...
Some chinese woman was driving on the farthest right lane,turned left to go for a turn and got broad sided by two other cars.It was wicked funny,thanks for reminding me,pal.