Reviews for "A Woman's Wish"


Actually Megid, Girls are not "naturally" smarter than boys, And boys are not "naturally" smarter than girls. So you basically came back with a more sexist comment.

Anyway, lmfao!


this is totally sexist, for your information most girls are naturally smarter then boys and apparently being careful drivers makes us bad.. i mean really, racism first, sexism also? work some issues out.

sorry do0de...

This was retarded....not funny in the least bit...... sorry...

(This is said from the whole Shadow Box Crew...)

That one is dumb as hell..........

I don't know why I grade that one?

very good flash

funny, i dont really care if you use speech bubbles or not, as long as the jocke is clear. and to the girls who thinks its sexist, i have come up with a word to identify you with. i call it 'lesbian'. lemme check if its been taken...o..it has, but hey according to the dictionary, it means the same thing!