Reviews for "A Woman's Wish"

might be contreversional

for tightwads who cant take a joke, but good otherwise, it was kind of predictable though, but good job
p.s. i love you profile pic, OH NOES!!!1

Not really suited to an animation.

This is really more suited to a joke told via simple words rather than via an animation. It just seems that you've made it longer and more drawn out without making it any funnier.

Maybe if you hadn't bothered with the lengthy animations for each of the wishes, I would have enjoyed this more. Or maybe if you'd put a bit more effort into making them jokes in themselves, they may have been able to be entertaining.

As it is, they just make the cartoon a bit tiring.

I found it sexist.

This should be removed from newgrounds for its sexist content >:@

ha ha ha!

Now that's comedy, my friend. Not to mention a very well-made piece of flash animation.


Pretty funny, but it took too long to establish 3 thoughts. That really slow thought sequence was irritating