Reviews for "Final Redemption"


Thats was pretty sick, nice metal song. Kinda had an 80's video game sound to it. Eipc.

Power Metal

I agree with the people that say it sounds like dragonforce and I also think it sounds like Hammerfall

This song is a nice, but slow Power Metal song, not Heavy metal in any possible way.

Not melodic deathmetal. 'Tis called Power.


i must say that even though yes it sounds like every power metal song out there it seems to have a little something that makes it good....love it keep up the good work yall...also just wondering if i can write and record some lyrics to this at all....full credits to yall of course :)


Awesome song! Enjoyed listening to it and is prob one of my faves on newgrounds.

It makes me think of Dragon Force

If all their songs didn't sound the same...

Well parts of it make me think of Dragon Force, the the whole thing.