Reviews for "Final Redemption"

.......the best

seriously? my eyebrows and eyelashes are completely gone, i have a masive bald spot, and most of my face is burt as hell, from when this song blew up in my face


this is so awesome, im faving this!

pretty epic

Loved it, should be put onto some ultra violence game, loved everything but the drums, it was really good but a tad to repetitive for me, and in truth i thought the intro drums could be improved immensely, but still really kick ass.


This is freaking insane!!
Almost melted my face off!

dude... nearly speachless

i usually spend most reviews on classical, ambient, and techno stuff, seldom venturing out. but when i do it seem that there are songs like this just calling for me to review... so here we go, ill write as i listen.
insane opening.
guitar is solid drums are great.
guitar at 0:55 is amazing. this is awesome
again 1:30 is pur epic unleashed
around 2:10 the guitar part isn't that great of a fit for the song, almost kills the mood but the part after save it
3:00 is intence.
well that was my long ass way of saying i like it, in case you couldn't tell X-)
anyway ... holy crap the loop is awesome... ok 10/10 5/5