Reviews for "Pube muppet collection 6"

Teh swell spicyness of this establishment!!!

OMGF!!! Another collection? This is soooo swell. By the way, Pube Muppet's Rap 3 and the Special Collection are coming VERY soon... so stay tuned, my good man.

- BlueCherryClock (Pube Puppy)

Protection is always important

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LollypopClock responds:

Thanks for the protection!


i love it lolly..you can never stop makin em...its wonderful. ill be giving you some for ure next one...and ill be bak in teh forums as soon as i finish the script to my movie.

LollypopClock responds:

I can't wait to read your scripts and thanks for the fifen!


What the fuck is "Paly" supposed to be

LollypopClock responds:

It means play you dumbfuck, and I can't belive your voting zero just because of that.


i used to only vote 0, cuz he never moves and stuff
but this time i acually watched it, and its so friggen stupid its funny ;-)

VIEWERS!: listen to what he sez, ist funny ;-)