Reviews for "Urban Desperado"

dotn like the long intro

but other than that its a hot beat good urdan/underground shit 5/5

Sirhc7000 responds:

yea mah friends said da same thing. The intro is kinda dragged out but once u get to tha beat its a done-dadda. lol.

Thanks a lot. I'm really tryna get into tha business when i get older.

Man, this is great.

I like it a lot. Good job here man, seriously. Keep it up my friend, you got people who support you!

Sirhc7000 responds:

Thx a lot! I'll appreciate every last bit of support I get.


not because it was a bad song. i thought it would have some of that crazy mexicanness in it cause its all desperado. even though it didnt it was a really great song. love the beat. it needs words though.

Sirhc7000 responds:

yea, I'm pretty much a producer lol, sorry. If u wanna put some of that crazy stuff on there go ahead lol.

You know,

if you don't write any lyrics to these beautiful beats, I'm going to.

Very good

You captured a mysterious/ integing feeling that sticks with the listener long after the song is over. Very good job