Reviews for "Urban Desperado"

Man, this is great.

I like it a lot. Good job here man, seriously. Keep it up my friend, you got people who support you!

Sirhc7000 responds:

Thx a lot! I'll appreciate every last bit of support I get.

the greatest song i ever heard

ure the best20\10

Sirhc7000 responds:

haha not quite the best. but thx tho.


why does everything i check out that you made set my room on fire? please stop making all these hot beats before you burn my house down!

Sirhc7000 responds:

lol. u betta get u a fire extinguisher dogg.

Damn i shuda put a disclaimer up huh? lol jp.

Thx a lot dogg.

Great song that keeps a beat

I love the catchy rhythme that this song has. I can't seem to get it out of my head! Keep it up. (I had to get this song for my psp)

Sirhc7000 responds:

Thx for da love mann.

More comin soon!

This shit is fire without the long intro

Can I spit to this?

Sirhc7000 responds:

go ahead mane.

Thx 4 da review.