Reviews for "Perfect Kirby 3.2"

om... fg

Damn!!! How do you make them motion tweens so smooth? Please help, I've tried everything there is and I still can't master them...

Pikanjo responds:

Lots of the animation was frame by frame, which took a good deal of time to complete.

Perfect!!! Kirby that is!

I just don't know what to say. Two other people watched it with me. Unfortunatly they had to watch it twice cause I had to see the interesting stuff. Voice acting was good. If you ever needed voice acting I could help and even send you files in small compressed forms. (cough) You might not even see this review but that thought is stil there. I am amazed how many copyrights you have borken in this movie, but thats a good thing I think.

I also thing that the other characters should havd "gigger" roles.

Pikanjo responds:

Maybe, (cough) we see later on . . .


Wheres 3.3???? Its two days after u said it would be out!


Great job, nice use of Ridley on Air Force One


Samus looks soo sweet!
Usually sequels are really hard but Richie you pulled it off damn well!
Make an edition with only the hot chicks of the series man :P!