Reviews for "Perfect Kirby 3.2"

keeps getting better and better

wow what can i say
this is incredable fantastic
i love the humor, espally the monopoly scene lol bad donkey kong lol

the fighting scene with samus was genius!!!!!

this is how flash movies are suppose to be made !!!!!!

Excellent job
cant wait for the next one

one of the best movies ever...

oh man,that was great.
the monopoly part was funny but i really like the samus scene.i noticed ian didnt do anything while samus and kirby were fighting meta ridley and the guards.i cant wait for part 3.3
keep up the good work!

This is the most best Kirby Movie yet,

i'm no typing this.

I am amazed

That was a great animation. Very funny.

You are a great animator. I am amazed by your work. Great job! Can't wait until the next episode.

That was goooood....

WOW that was cool, must have tooken you along time to do. Can't wait to see the next one.