Reviews for "Lady Silent Hill"


Interesting scenario with a good character, well detailed and with an air that leaves you O.O

3abden responds:


very good

i really like this but what is up with to the man with the halo? if i remember correctly pyramid head only kills those with extreme guilt.

3abden responds:

Hehe true, but thats his lady... she has no remorse !
Thanks for the comment.

see im a big silent hiil fan and

I wanna know why you drew this becuse I know pirimid head is this monster that james sees because hes killed his wife and maria is a womane to almost mock him his wife kind of so is tthis like a mix of that or just drew this becuse " pirimid head is kewl"

3abden responds:

Mostly cause Phead is awesome.

Coolest Rule 63 Ever!!

Wow, what a piece! Great lighting, interesting style, very nice color scheme! I think the head itself looks strangely soft, but other than that I really cannot complain at all.

I LOVE this. I love how the dress flares out and still looks deadly-ish. It would look pretty cool if this was in Silent Hill for real.