Reviews for "Midnight Waltz"


this feels like it should be in a movie taking place mabye 300 years ago, when a princes wife died or something, and u see a flashback of them dancing. andthen her dead. sorry about the bad grammer and stuff, i don't hvae my glasses on, so i can't see my mistakes.


Very soft and spooky feeling, it sent waves of chill down my back when i read someone's comment about gouls dancing. Or maybe it was the wind that gave me the chills?Jk

mystic, and definitely has a dark tone

come with me, follow me into darkness, and this night shall never end

beautiful song. i thought it was a tad short though.


Nice description there. Anywho, this song is eerie, yet beautiful. Joyful, and at the same time sorrowful. Excellent song, I wish more like this were on NG.


An empty ballroom.

Old rotting floors, dusted broken instruments, and an overly large chandelier hanging overhead.

The clock strikes twelve and the chandelier gives an eerie glow.

The room suddenly chills to breath taking temperatures.

Fainted images of gowns floating about.

Ghastly ghouls waltzing with their lovers.

A night to be remembered by the undead.

I love the reverb you used.. It gives off a nice feeling of emptiness.

Great work! Bravo!