Reviews for "Midnight Waltz"

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i dont even know what to say 10/10


Absolutly compelling peice. i love it. perfectly done, reminds me of pans laberynth. very nice touch. i rarely review music unless its extremly good and youve earned this review. very amazing, im going to use this in my game "sun"


its a great sample but the like 1 or 2 bells are off beat, thats just me i donno if im right but it sounds like it....

But yeah great sample

hzlancer responds:

Somewhat intentional. I thought leaving a little bit of delay gave it character


this is perfect im not tht much of a classiCAl fan but this sound is so cinematic 1 picture i had n my mind was like a hitman or assassin waiting for his target on top of a building and when the music ends he pulls the trigger and all u hear is the sniper gunshot

idk nice song though


This song helped me calm down with my Flash. That is why I used it.