Reviews for "Midnight Waltz"


Im not kiding I really have tears in my eyes as I write this review. Its such a beatiful song, You really have touched my heart on this one, and that is very, very hard thing to do... Some one pass me a tissue please. "sniff"

hzlancer responds:


very sooooooooottttttthhhhhhing

very tim burton very nice


running soundless through the cobblestone streets
glancing backwards, a man slips into an abandoned ballroom
moonlight floods in through the many windows as ghosts glide down from the rafters
silently they begin circling him, dancing to music unheard
haunted by his memories, the man collapses, letting out a final breath, as the ghosts begin to fade

hzlancer responds:

a woman lingers
she picks up his lifeless hand
a gentle breeze blows...


Very nice i love listening to this,calms me right down and puts me in a good mood,simply fantastic great job.


I found myself humming along a slightly varied tune to the music, and eventually found my mouth trying to place words as well.
I love the way this was done, and if you don't mind I'd like to use it for something on YouTube. ( http://www.youtube.com/user/NotToBeOf fensive )

hzlancer responds:

have at it