Reviews for "Midnight Waltz"

Finally someone who actually does classical...

It is so hard to find nice and good classical music here, guess most don't have a REAL apprication for it. All I hear is cheesey versions of watered down techno being passed as classical music. But this...this right here. This captures what classical music is about, was about, how it began, simply put this is the first piece I have heard that can be put up there with classical music.

You my friend have done an awsome job with this and I encourage you to keep up the awsome work!


I will be listening and watching for more great music from you.

hzlancer responds:

If you have a chance, browse through some of the authors on my favorites list. many of them are much more talented but sadly underrated. I think you'd enjoy their works.

Innocent Tears of a Child....

I am a ballerina and I created a nice careograph(sorry, if I spelled it wrong) in my mind... Reminds me Tchaikovsy , such a gentle touch you are giving. A child's secret and innocant tears are hidden in the song. I can sense it...

*closes her eyes and smiles*

this brought a rare smile to my face and a tear to my eye it really did, its soothing, but its also sad, I can imagine some lonely, heartbroken young woman, sitting in black, playing this quietly in the middle of the night, too hurt to be able to even cry

very enjoyable

hzlancer responds:

thanks. i also took some time to browse your art and i'm a fan

*sighs relaxingly*

Very peaceful, if I could I would use this in a flash.

hzlancer responds:

you can

first good sleep

i moved to cali three months ago, and because of the noise and atmosphere, i haven't had one full night of sleep yet.
i found your song awhile back, and just last night was listening to it on a loop. i fell asleep around 1am and just now (8:17am) woke up.
no blankets, no pilows, nothing. i just passed so peacefully sitting upright in my chair i don't even remember getting tired this morning to start.
i'm gonna put your song on a cd and loop it any night i ever had problems sleeping from now on.
loved this submission. simply loved it.

hzlancer responds:

sounds almost like you died and still managed to write a review for me. that's very touching