Reviews for "Free Your Mind"

LoL Damn you, NEO!

Awesome! I was waiting for something new and it was damn worth it!

Will you even read this?

Great series... You have so many, i cant imagine you reading all the reviews... but anyway, i love how he was just floating there sucking on the soda... So often comedy comes down to tiny little nuiances... just the right silly look on his face combined with just the right straw slurping sound.

that was great

i like the matrix numbers being replaced by the word foamy

this movie is completly awsome

this movie is excellent has alot of laughs especially at the kung fu part that was cool and funny


Love the entire series. Though why people keep trying to put reality into what's going on is beyond me - if this were real, Foamy wouldn't even be talking, let alone doing super-trippy slo-mo moves, drinking soda through a straw, or taking 3 hours to hit someone.

Great episode though.