Reviews for "Free Your Mind"

foamy matrix.....who's smith?

(laughing loud, neighbours pissed)......hahahahah.....wow i never knew that foamy could be so cool. if only recent episodes have the same touch as this one. your soooo on my favorites.....if only i could make a furry cartoon

free your mind man

This is really funny.Few have actaully made a funny matrix parodie but somehow illwill makes me gag from watching this. The trippy slow-mo move makes a funny pun and shows why foamy is the master of mostly all.


omg?! i thot that lil blak dot was his mouth. ITS HIS NOSE?!?!?! any way now that i no that, y doesnt his mouth move lol

free ur mind

free it man free it

damn it

if you take the blue pill you wake up at home with no memory of this but if you take the blue pill i show you just how deep the rabit hole goes

( takes both pills) WHAT NOW MUTHA FUCKER