Reviews for "Free Your Mind"

loved it

this is one of the funniest foamy cartoons ever

Free your mind!!

Free your mind....lol. Lol he was so mad at neo for making him go so slow. At first he movin so slow and then hes not moving at all.
And then boom hes really close to the chair...

Great as always

That was funny as always.

Good Stuff Here!

This was a hilarious rip off of The Matrix! It was fucking hilarious! The graphics are Foamy style and so is the sound. Never change the sound or graphics! I was a little dissapointed that Foamy didn't cuss that much but I guess thats alright. I don't know how you can keep making all these Foamy cartoon's but don't stop! Foamy is my hero!


OMG it was sooooo funny!!! nice work!!