Reviews for "Free Your Mind"

So funny!

Super-trippy combat move and matrix + Foamy = words cannot describe it! It was so funny when he couldn't move!


question: has foamy evil killed a man besides that coffee house homo?


I've seen loads of Foamy movies but this is one of my favourites keep going with the hard work dude!


WOW I adore Foamy hes fantastic anyone who doubts him must go to hell a world without Foamy is a life without friends.. only better...
Yeah well to wrap this review up I'm gonna say the FAT-kins diet thing is StUPiD!!! Oh and Germaine she is a cool character yes but is only a character not real, people who want to see her naked go get hit by a fucking bus GOD!!

One of the funniest lines ever!

*three hours later* "Awww, COME ON! Damn you NEO!!"