Reviews for "Free Your Mind"


I have realized that your flashes aren't funny anymore They are just about a cartoon squirrel ranting about how the world sucks. If I wanted that I could of just went to my Cousin and watch him the whole day. Get new material. L8r

Not good

Really, those jokes about the Matrix weren't funny at all. Foamy in the air for ages, that wasn't funny. I thought it was pretty stupid as well. Also, about the preloader you use, can't you use a different preloader instead of using the same one on every flash? That does get annoying and boring. :| You should try making different preloaders instead of using the same one everytime.



youre not worthy of parodying the matrix.


Illwillpress didn't include any bullet time because you can't do it with motion tweens.

Keep it up

This and your other cartoon rocks! Keep up the good work im looking foward to your next masterpiece.