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Reviews for "Free Your Mind"

Holy crap that was funny.

"I couldn't just kick your ass like the normal way. I had to go for the super trippy slow motion fucking combat move. I'm gonna be here all week. Don't move, I'll get you eventually."

That was the best.

Keep doing more. All your stuff is funny (at least the ones I've seen).

I see....

Mmmm...That's good sattire

Makes Matrix Haters proud

That and it was just too funny. And in reference to someone elses post... Foamy is a squirrel...and as to whether or not he is on crack... I don't think anyone really knows.

Damn you Neo!

Another great movie. Keep it up! Hilarious to actually get "stuck" in a slow-motion special effect...


One thing: when Foamy was showing off his Squirrel-fu moves in front of the Matrix-style background, I almost expected to see random words and goofy phrases and such instead of the normal little Matrix symbols, but I didn't expect to see "Foamy" floating around in there. Very clever. Keep the goods coming.