Reviews for "Free Your Mind"

cool! i think i saw foamy's mouth. (before he coughed)

There is no foamy lol )

This was hilarious and awesome at the same time! I loved it when Foamy got stuck in the air moving very slowly literally for hours. Great job!

It's mostly just one joke, but it is really funny. Hey, he managed to progress some! It's nice to see when "The Matrix" was really big. Then again, a lot of people don't like the sequels. This seemed more animated than usual. There are in fact people who think the Matrix is real.

Of course, if it was, why would there be a movie showing us what it was? Great point. I like how Foamy has a visible mouth. That sounds dirtier than in my mind. Those sunglasses were pretty cool.

#1:I think foamy should waer sunglasses more often

#2: It was funny how he got stuck in mid-air XD