Reviews for "Free Your Mind"

((( YES )))

I love it just great, the whole matrix thing was awsome, get a soda hahahah, they get better and better everytime, foamy is the king i tell ya the king, i will never get tired of foamy's crazy antics, just one of the best series on newgrounds, make more make more, muhahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahaah...



The only one that needs too free your mind is you.

Once again I'm sick and tired of you dragging little old Foamy in your flash. Why the hell can't you make something else? I mean always the same old jokes, smae basic idea...

This wasn't acctually as horrid as the other Foamy episodes though, I liked the Matrix theme.

Well Done

Just flat our well done and a good flash. Nice concept.

Good stuff

Another quality Foamy story but its starting to lose its hold on me. Worth watching either way though...


Germaine is a hottie....

More more more!