Reviews for "Scrap Book: Bohh vs. Nosu"


Great job!

damianmartins responds:

Thank, Jose. Means a lot comming from you. Can't wait to see Stagger. And dispite the some shit I've said in the past, you're the best. And that crap about you're lack of creativity I choked hard on when I saw your fuckin' site. It's mind blowing. Thank again, bro. Peace.

dear lord!

that was incredible!!!!! I haven't been so captivated by frame by frame animation in my life.. this destroys big mistake. I would honestly love to see this be number one. I hold you in great respects as an artist and an animator.

damianmartins responds:

Wow! That's quite a complement. I could say many things right now but I'll simply exept it gracefully. Thank you, U-AL.

Good job!

excellent work! two thumbs up!

reminds me of how I killed time in school.

I'm looking forward to your future work. This is excellent, masterfully done. Definitely excellent animation. It's too bad the rest of the portal can't be as cool as this.

"The First Truly Great Flash Animation"

Yes there have been good ones before but this was the first movie that actually felt like it. Not just a silly little blurb but an actual. Movie. A true work of art! Congratulations!