Reviews for "Scrap Book: Bohh vs. Nosu"

why isnt this higher?!

that was an awesome movie the part where he smashed the ground and the bricks shot at that other guy was awesome this should be ranked in the top 10


awesome style man


pretty kool, show me how u do that

Wow.... completely cool

Not what I expected either. The whole 'scrapbook' style is completely original, which may be why this holds such a strong placing in the ranks. A little short though in my opinion.

damianmartins responds:

Thanks, Daedo. And thanks for checkin' out all of my other shit too. It is short, I know. It's just the length that my flash always ends up being. And at 1.4 megs, I don't think people would want to wait any longer. Thanks again.

that was cool

that was cool