Reviews for "Scrap Book: Bohh vs. Nosu"


that was wicked...i absolutely loved it....i liked the paper creases when the brick was going towards him..kind of like wind......any ways...keep them comming :)


Damn, that sure did do that with the smoothness.

Very creative

The whole concept of this movie was great. The way you made the loose leaf paper background was really cool and the fight sequence with the two characters was cool too. I hope that one day I will be able to make flash animation like this.

As usual, Great movie

As with your other 3 movies, this movie was no different in it's quality. Stunning graphics (in my opinion) very funny, and very original. I loved how it was all done on loose-leaf paper, very original. The camera angles moved nicely along, especially during the road breaking point, and the sword sliding out. The violence was amusing too. I have no bad things to say about the movie, not being easy on you, just really like it a lot. I'm happy you're consistent with the qaulity of your work. Only weird thing is that this is a comedy, i thought you weren't really interested in doing one of those? None of my business anyway, great job!

damianmartins responds:

I don't know if I consider this a comedy. I just wanted it to feel like an old school saturday morning cartoon. That moment with the brick at the end is kinda my stupid sense of humour commin' through. I did want to do something easy on the brain this time. For me and the peeps watchin'. Thanks for the review, bud.

Something original for once.

Excellent animation, very original concept. Not heavy on storyline or humor, and a bit short, but an excellent effort nonetheless.